Roller shutter

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100% protection from outside - Roller shutter

The Roller shutter - a multi-protection product, combining the most desired homeowner features in one excellent product:

Dakea Roller shutter protects the window from broken branches during storms, and  safeguards the home from unwanted visitors, when homeowners are away on holidays.

Its electrical opening system allows the homeowner to open and close it whenever needed, so he can peacefully sleep, even where neighbours are making noise outside.

The Roller shutter works with a 24V 4-step tubular motor. The motor, control unit and the infrared remote control are included in the roller shutter installation.

The Roller shutter is fitted with double insulated coated aluminium slats which ensure great sound and heat insulation. Slats are connected with a rubber hinge that increases the durability of the product. Also, the special design of the slats (curved cross section) enables the shutter to fit very compactly when it is rolled up, compared to other similar products on the market. You can easily operate the roof window and the roller shutter at the same time. The base section is fixed on the sash so you can ventilate and reduce solar heating at the same time, a unique feature of the Dakea Roller shutter

The Dakea Roller shutter is covered by 10 year guarantee.

The Roller shutter is very easy to install even after a windows that has been installed on the roof.

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The Roller shutter is compatible only with timber windows of selected producers