Robeslee Concrete Lintel 140 x 215 x 2400mm G8 Standard Face

Robeslee Concrete Lintel 140 x 215 x 2400mm G8 Standard Face

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Robeslee Concrete Lintel 140 x 215 x 2400mm G8 Standard Face


TYPE C(100X145mm) TYPE D(145X100mm) TYPE E(100X100mm) TYPE F(145X145mm) TYPE K9 (100X215mm) TYPE U2 (100X145mm) TYPE U2 (145X100mm) TYPE G8 (140x215mm)

These lintels are designed to take direct imposed loads.

Rafters, wall plates and floor joists may be accommodated
as directly imposed loads - see tables for loadbearing capacities.
BEARING: Minimum of 150mm each side or as directed by the
structural engineer.
PROPPING: Propping is not required with this type of lintel.
BRICKWORK: Non-composite lintels do not require brickwork bonded
to them. Point loads from girders, trusses, steel beams ect. require to be
referred to our Customer Advisory Service.
POSITIONING: Lintels must be placed with wire in correct position.
Lintels are marked top.
ORDERING: All sizes listed are normal stock sizes.
All lintels are designed in accordance with -
BS 5977: Part 1: 1981, BS EN 845-2: 2103, BS 8110: Part 1: 1985, BS 8110: Part 2: 1985.
Concrete used is Grade 50. Fire resistance is 1 hour (ref BS 8110:1985, Part 2, Section 4).
Fire resistance can be improved by the application of non-combustible finishes.
The evolution of new designs is continuous, and information is subject to change without
notice. Customers should check with the supplier to ensure that they have the latest details.
No liability or responsibility of any kind (including liability for negligence ) is accepted in respect of
advice, recommendations or specifications supplied by the company, its Servants or its Agents.

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