The following terms and conditions apply:

1) The Bee Active & Bee Rewarded Scheme is only available to selected account customers of Beesley & Fildes Ltd.

2) The Scheme year commences 1st January 2014 and ends 31st December 2014.

3) Only goods invoiced between 1st January 2014 and 31st December 2014 will be considered towards the spend targets.

4) Any credits issued in relation to goods purchased during the scheme year will reduce your spend as appropriate.

5) All spend calculations (2013, 2014 and targeted) are made before Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is excluded from this scheme.

6) Each target relates to spend on a specific trade account. General cash sales will not be considered towards the target.

7) Should you have multiple accounts, then each account must achieve the target in order to receive a reward.

8) The reward will be calculated on receipt of all outstanding monies for materials relating to this period. We reserve the right to withhold the reward until any overdue balance has been cleared.

9) The reward for achieving a target will be vouchers or gift card from Beesley & Fildes Ltd, Whitakers Garden Centre or Marks & Spencer.

10) Customers will be asked to select which vouchers they wish to be rewarded in the event of achieving a target.

11) Vouchers will be issued within one month of the reward being calculated.

12) All vouchers issued must be redeemed prior to the expiry date, no replacements will be issued.

13) A maximum of £2,000 in vouchers can be rewarded to any one customer under this scheme.

14) No Monetary equivalent will be offered instead of vouchers.

15) Your Beesley & Fildes trade account must be paid within our normal terms and conditions.

16) Beesley & Fildes Ltd reserve the right to disallow any invoices paid late from qualifying spend.

17) Beesley & Fildes Ltd reserve the right to remove your account from the scheme should it become subject to substantial default amounts, or in the event of any change in corporate status.

18) Beesley & Fildes Ltd accept no responsibility whatsoever for any tax liability arising from a customer’s participation in the Bee Active & Bee Rewarded Scheme.

19) Beesley & Fildes Ltd reserve the right to alter or amend the conditions of the Bee Active & Bee Rewarded Scheme.