Quebec Sawn Yellow Pine 38.1mm x 254mm

Quebec Sawn Yellow Pine 38.1mm x 254mm

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Quebec Sawn Yellow Pine 38.1mm x 254mm

Eastern White Pine – Commonly known as Quebec Yellow Pine is a highly stable wood, although less readily available in the UK than formerly; used wherever stability is a requirement, including furniture.

The commonly used terms “softwood” and “hardwood” are, in fact, rather misleading. For some softwoods can be quite hard – such as Southern Yellow Pine; and some hardwoods are softer than some softwoods – as in the hardwood Balsa, beloved of model-makers. Both softwoods and hardwoods offer a diverse range of
options for different applications from construction to carpentry and there is always a suitable choice. So here are some of the most commercially important species from
all over the world, which are generally available in the UK:

Latin Name: Pinus Strobus

Also known as Eastern White Pine, the heartwood is a pale straw colour to light reddish-brown shade, usually little darker than the whitish sapwood. It is a soft, straight-grained and very even textured wood with inconspicuous growth rings. Second-growth timber is of a coarser texture and tends to be knotty. This is a highly stable timber with very low shrinkage, although it can pick up and give off moisture.

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