Mountain Mist Sandstone Circle 1.8m Dia

Mountain Mist Sandstone Circle 1.8m Dia

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Mountain Mist Sandstone Circle 1.8m Dia

Our Sandstone Premium consists of several dynamic colours to cater for many garden designs. The ranges tone groups are hand picked to give a wide selective choice but still keep a continuity of colour hues in each pack.

The Premium Sandstone range is hand worked manually to offer a natural look finish.

Mountain Mist:- is cool grey with a slight light blue hue.

Our Circles are available in an extensive variety of colours in either Sandstone or Slate. Circles can really enhance a gardens aesthetics by acting as a bold dominant statement. They have the ability to compliment a wide range of garden designs.

We also offer them in several sizes making it easier for you to choose the perfect sized circle for your garden. As well as being a statement feature in a patio, circles can also be incorporated as a step feature in a staggered or multiple level garden design layout.

They come in sizes of 1.8m / 2.4m & 3.46m and are available in 5 colours: Forest Glen, Sunset, Sunrise, Fossil Mint and Mountain Mist. This allows for you to be able to create the perfect combination for your landscaping project.

Our Sandstone Circles do not include corner infill sets. However, Infill sets can be ordered as an optional extra (lead times will apply).

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