Metpost Repair Spur Wedge Grip 75 x 75mm Box

Metpost Repair Spur Wedge Grip 75 x 75mm Box

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Metpost Repair Spur Wedge Grip 75 x 75mm Box Ref 1153

To repair timber posts broken off in an existing concrete base, use...


The Metpost Repair Spur (1153)is the solution to the problem of rotted posts which have broken off at ground level but are in a sound concrete base. The Metpost Repair Spur (1153)is ideal for repairing gale damaged fencing, the Metpost Repair Spur (1153) is available in 3" and 4" sizes, both have the Wedge Grip fixing desige in Red Oxide finish.


Installation:- 1) Square off the top of the broken post and position the Metpost Repair Spur (1153)so the point sits at one corner of the post between the wood and concrete 2) Using a Metpost Driving Tool (332,442) tap the Metpost Repair Spur (1153) into the wood against the existing concrete, jamming hard against the side of the socket. 3) Once driven in fully the Metpost Repair Spur (1153) now provides a solid base for either your existing or a new fence post. Tip:- If the concrete around the old post is not sound, it may be necessary to move or re-stagger your fence post using a Metpost spike.

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