Lead Cote Spray

Lead Cote Spray

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Lead Cote Spray

Lead-Cote is a user-friendly solvent free alternative to Patination Oil that prevents white staining occurring when newly fitted Lead Sheet is first exposed to rain or moisture.

Lead-Cote should be used in exactly the same way as Patination Oil and it performs to the same standards.

Lead-Cote is easy to apply and will not harm adjacent bitumen based or other building materials. There is no fire or fume risk.

Available in 500ml spray bottles.

Work horizontally from top to bottom in straight lines - not in circles.
Remember to apply to the underside of leading edges to a depth of 50mm.
Lead-Cote should be used to coat Lead Slates and Lead Dots.
Lead-Cote can be applied in damp conditions or even well after the Lead is fitted.
Lead-Cote doesn’t need to be shaken before use and will remain useable for
months after opening.
For best results apply two coats.
Spray gun eliminates spillage.
Ideal for use around Quickslates and conservatories.

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