Klober Wakaflex 280mm Grey 5m Ref PWF280GR

Klober Wakaflex 280mm Grey 5m Ref PWF280GR

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Klober Wakaflex 280mm Grey 5m Ref PWF280GR

Wakaflex® is a BBA certified lead free, flexible, adhesive flashing designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications.
Length : 5m.
Width : 280mm.
Weight : 6.8kg.
Maximum pitch : 90°.
Minimum roof pitch : the minimum pitch of the tile.
Material : Polyisobuthylene (PIB) with aluminium-meshwork and butyl-adhesive tape.
The product has many advantages over traditional lead flashings for those working in the construction industry, including the simple and quick installation process and non-toxic, lightweight material.

Easy application through high stretchability in both directions of the material and has a unique product composition with a self-welding effect.
• Chimneys.
• All abutments at walls.
• Rising parts of structures such as dormers.
• Wakaflex® is not compatible with bituminous material.
• Wakaflex® must not be installed such that ponding can occur.
• Laps should be not less than 50mm using a roller to apply pressure.

• Ensure Wakaflex® is only laid on dry, dust and oil-free surfaces.

• Turn into brickwork joints or chase in by not less than 30mm. Use sealant to seal the joint.

• Where the joint is large or uneven, form a welt at the back of the joint and seal with Sealant as above.

• Use strips of Wakaflex® folded several times as wedges into brickwork to retain the flashing in place prior to sealing with sealant.

• At top edge abutments use Wakaflex® to cover the slates by a minimum of 150mm and turn up wall by 75mm. Fix in brickwork joints as above.

• At mansards, extend over slates on lower roof by a minimum of 150mm. Fit a lay board and tilting fillet to the upper roof and extend flashing 150 – 200mm up the slope. Form a 30 mm welt at the top. Nail into position at the top at approximately 150 mm centres.

• Fixing Instructions for use around chimneys are available.

• For use as Saddles, Ridge/Wall junctions, fixing around roof outlets or with our top edge abutment ventilator.
10 years against manufacturing defect.

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