Imported Whitewood Rough Sawn Wet Graded 150x300mm 7.2m-7.2m C16/C24 [p]

Imported Whitewood Rough Sawn Wet Graded 150x300mm 7.2m-7.2m C16/C24 [p]

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Whitewood Rough Sawn Wet Graded 150x300mm 7.2m-7.2m C16/C24 [PEFC]

With our timber products, we are able to meet our customers almost every wish. Our ultra-modern machinery @Widnes and our trained staff at all branches are so flexible that there is almost nothing we can not offer our customers.  

Timber must be graded (and dried) if it's to be used in internal structural applications as stipulated by building regulations. Timber is graded to either C16 or C24. Here all the structural properties of the timber are quantified. Eg Species, Knot Size and Type, Slope of Grain, Tightness of grain, Compression Wood, Rot etc. C24 grade can only be achieved by imported timber. Homegrown timber from UK sawmills will make C16 only and so will have reduced span capability.

Environment accreditation approved by either  FSC® or PEFC.

Beesley & Fildes Ltd have a demonstrable commitment to environmental concerns & promote the more sustainable practices within the industry.  We promote innovative products that help to create low carbon, energy efficient sustainable solutions. We take our impact on the environment and local community very seriously and endeavour to preserve our natural environment for future generations.

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Timber Thickness: 150mm
Timber Width: 300mm
Timber Lengths available: 7.2mtr
Timber Certification: PEFC
Timber Grade: C16 C24

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