Cromar Pro GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit System -13m

Cromar Pro GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit System -13m

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Cromar Pro GRP Fibreglass Roofing Kit System - 13m2

Trims Sold Separately
Kit Contains:
• 1 x 3" Resin Roller (2 x refill)
• 1 x 7" Resin Roller (2 x refill)
• 1 x 3" Laminating Paddle Roller
• 1 x 9" Laminating Paddle Roller
• 2 x 2" Laminating Brushes
• 2 x 3" Laminating Brushes
• 1 x 80ml Dispenser Bottle
• 2 x 5L White Mixing Buckets
• 1 x 10L Graduated Bucket
• 1 x 1kg Catalyst (Hardener)
• 1 x 310ml GRP PU Trim Adhesive
• 1 x 20kg PRO 25 Resin
• 1 x 10kg PRO 25 Dark Grey Topcoat
• 1 x 6.75kg CSM 450 Matting
What is PRO GRP?

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester. GRP is also known as Glass-Fibre. This system is cold applied on site, giving it a seamless and flexible weatherproof finish that resists water, heat and frost. The resulting surface gives a strong architectural finish that looks very impressive. If maintained properly it will last as long as the building stands.

We have developed this technology further to produce the perfect all weather protection for any flat roof. PRO GRP can be applied in small domestic situations right through to large industrial environments.
Cold applied - no heat required
Easy to form around complex situations
Very durable - resists heavy foot traffic
Non-slip walkways can be incorporated
Class leading roofing solution that far exceeds traditional methods
Virtually Maintenance free for very long periods of time
Impact Resistant due to its ultra hard finish
Fire retardant
Highly economical solution

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