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Acid Brick Clean 5Ltr Ref FBBRICKCL5

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Acid Brick Clean 5Ltr Ref 183087

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Acid Brick Clean 5Ltr Ref FBBRICKCL5

Brickclean is a fast acting acid based cleaner and degreasing solution which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete, paving slabs and earthenware.

Typical Uses:

  • Cleaning of brickwork and floors where efficient cleaning is required.
  • Suitable for etching of concrete surfaces as preparation for epoxy resin screeds and toppings etc.


Features and Benefits

  • Multi purpose stain remover and degreaser.
  • Less hazardous than many traditional ‘brick acids’.

Instructions for Use

Preparation of Substrate

Remove any loosely adhering and excess contamination by physical abrasion with wire brush or scraper.

Care must be taken with delicate or soft substrates.


To prevent discolouration or damage to substrates it is recommended that the optimum strength of solution be established by applying test areas starting at a 2:1 water/cleaner dilution.


Areas of severe contamination may require more than one treatment using neat FEB BRICKCLEAN. The product should be applied by brush using a scrubbing action. Rinse off with plenty of water before drying out occurs. Where etching of concrete is required prior to application of epoxies, use undiluted, scrub well in with a stiff bristle brush, allow about 20 minutes to act (less in hot weather) and then liberally hose down to completely wash away all the solution. Allow to dry out prior to application of the epoxy.


Up to 10m² per litre, dependent upon porosity or contamination of substrate.


Do not store above waist height. Store where children cannot gain access.

Shelf Life

Up to 24 months if stored at ambient temperatures in unopened containers.

Performance Data

Composition                                         FEB BRICKCLEAN is an acid solution modified with active detergents.

Appearance                                          Clear transparent liquid with similar viscosity to water

Active Acid Content                             <10% w/w


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