12mm Quadrant 5m Black WG REF KQ12BG

12mm Quadrant 5m Black WG REF KQ12BG

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12mm Quadrant 5m Black WG REF KQ12BG

Quadrant 12mm x 5M Blackash (Kalsi)

These PVC trims do not warp, rot, flake or split; they can be sawn, drilled and shaped as easily as timber - using exactly the same tools. The trims are simple and easy to install, providing a tough finish and requiring little or no maintenance.

The key to the strength, durability and good looks of the trims lie in its unique structure. Manufactured in accordance with BS7619:1993 Cellular uPVC, these trims offer a tough impermeable outer skin, which is formulated to be impact resistant and is wrapped around a lightweight foamed cellular core - providing exceptional strength and high insulation qualities. The same tough outer skin is also responsible for the outstanding finish of the trim - which will last for years and which will repel anything the British climate can throw at it.

The problem with conventional wooden trims is their inability to resist the weathering patterns of the great British climate. In general, driving wind and rain, coupled with the cycle of freeze and thaw (typical in the British winter) will crack, degrade, rot and warp most fibrous cellular substances, such as wood. Similarly, with wood boring insects or larvae, external woodwork is always vulnerable. Our range of trims are not wood. They have superb white and woodgrain foils that look and feel like the real thing. Fortunately that's where the similarity ends. Unlike traditional timber, these trims do not warp, rot, flake or split; it can be sawn, drilled and shaped as easily as timber - using exactly the same tools. The trims are simple and easy to install, providing a tough finish and requiring little or no maintenance. Building Plastics provides a highly cost effective fully integrated solution for both domestic and commercial refurbishment and new build applications - which will literally last a lifetime.


AQUACEL roofline and cladding profiles are made from cellular PVCue (unplasticised expanded cellular polyvinyl chloride) foam, co-extruded as a durable PVCu skin with a rigid closed cell core. They contain no CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) or lead and are therefore formulated to be completely non-hazardous to health.


AQUACEL roofline and cladding products are manufactured in accordance with two recognised standards:

The Foam Profiles

? British Standard specification BS 7619: 1993.

? Specification for extruded cellular unplasticised PVC profiles.

The Manufacturing Process

? The international standard for Quality Assurance.

BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 (BS 5750: Pt. 2).


The thickness of profiles varies, which affects the proportions of outer skin and inner core, so there can be no single value for density but, in general, profiles are between 450 and 600 kg/m3


Stability in this context is resistance to chemical and/or biological reaction. Cellular PVCue is not affected by liquids or other substances in everyday use, and is resistant to attack by acids and alkalis. It is generally described as being resistant to attack by wood-boring insects. It is not attacked by termites or woodworm.

It does not support the growth of fungus or bacteria. It may be subject to damage by a range of chemicals, generically known as esters, ketones and solvents.


The methods of test for colour fastness contained in British Standard specification BS 1006: A03: 1978 include gradings down to a minimum value for colour change of Grade 8 ? AQUACEL white profiles all achieve either Grade 7 or 8, meaning that any fading or change in whiteness over a minimum 20 years will be within an acceptable range. AQUACEL white profiles have demonstrated, in test conditions, excellent resistance to discolouration, and also to a degradation known as "pinking", which is generally believed to be related to processes involving Titanium Dioxide and Lead stabilisers. AQUACEL co-extrusions instead use an advanced technology lead-free stabiliser which has superior resistance to discolouration.

Coloured profiles and associated products use organic pigments, chosen for their colourfast properties. Any fading experienced will be gradual and uniform only detectable when compared with new materials.


The denseness of the outer skin ensures adequate resistance to impact, thus ensuring a highly durable surface.

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Features & Benefits
Maintenance friendly
Easy installation
Extremely durable
Impact resistant
Available in various designs and colours
The Cladding are well suited to be placed in combination with insulation. This gives your home a unique look combined with a high insulation value!
A whole range of finishing profiles are available in the same Durasid colours to finish windows, doors and roofline.
10 Year Guarantee

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