100mm Standard Timer Axial Fan STF100-TR

100mm Standard Timer Axial Fan STF100-TR

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100mm Standard Timer Axial Fan STF100-TR

Stylishly designed to discreetly complement modern interior design schemes, our NEW Silavent Sapphire intermittent extract fans offer exceptionally high levels of energy efficient performance and operate very quietly; ensuring homeowners are not disturbed whilst maintaining effective levels of ventilation.

Key features:

Extract rates comply with current Building Regulation requirements
Provides effective ventilation
Quiet in operation down to 32dB(A)
Stylish fascia to fit interior design scheme
Ability to mix and match fascia options - please see accessories list further below
Technical data:

Description 230V SELV (230/12V)
Max Extract Volume (l/s) 23 23
Max Extract Volume (m3/h) 83 83
Max Pressure (Pa) 25 28
Supply Frequency (Hz) 50 50
Specific Fan Power W/(l/s) 0.60 0.93
Max Power (W) 13.6 21.3
Max Sound dB(A)@3m 32 32
Weight (kg) 0.7 1.6 inc transformer
IP Rating X4 X4
Max Operating Temperature (°C) 40 40
Wall-Fit Hole Diameter (mm) 110 110
Warranty 2 yrs 2 yrs

SELV Back Draught Retail Pack Pull Cord    Timer Humidistat
STF100LV-S X          
STF100-SBS   X        
STF100LV-SBS X X        
STF100-PC       X    
STF100LV-PC X     X    
STF100-PCBS   X   X    
STF100LV-PCBS X X   X    
STF100-PCR     X X    
STF100-T         X  
STF100LV-T X       X  
STF100-TBS   X     X  
STF100LV-TBS X X     X  
STF100-TR       X  
STF100-H         X X
STF100LV-H X       X X
STF100-HBS   X     X X
STF100LV-HBS X X     X X
STF100-HPC       X X X
STF100LV-HPC X     X X X
STF100-HPCBS   X   X X X
STF100-HPCR     X X X X

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